In recent years Milin has developed and gained knowledge about sustainability and sustainable finishing materials applied to build under conscious. As a complete supplier of sustainable finishing materials Milin is aware of its social responsibility. Milin is committed to the environment, therefore Milin proposed high demands and conditions to the manufacturing process, products, logistics, transportation, office supplies, and our vehicles. The trucks of Milin feature a high Euro / Ecolabel. The packaging materials are made from recyclable materials. Rest packagings can be compressed into bales to be transported to a recycling facility where it is recycled, for re-use. The transport of the material is completely eco-friendly with a system which consists six meter long steel containers.

Sustainability in all facets

Milin is profiling itself emphatically as a sustainable and socially responsible company. Within Milin sustainability is reflected in all aspects, so that all activities contribute to social responsibility. The new business premises of Milin is focused on the future. It has been build for sustainability, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and maintenance. The new business premises is provided with a water pump, a heat-recovery system, and the EPC has a value of 0.6. With this new building Milin wants to improve its logistics processes and provide customers with a better service.

Milin a sustainable choice!

They came with electric cars to Milin. The alderman Bert Bunnik Koopmanschap and Hans Reusch, alderman Environment in Nieuwegein. Surrounded by photographers and reporters, we arranged a tour in and around the company to show how Milin is improving . Milin Director Bob Miltenburg showed himself very honored by this visit: “It feels unique that we have been nominated as a company from the town of Nieuwegein to be a part of this Sustainability relay during the Sustainability Day. “We are proud of this election. This is a proof of how we are as ‘green business’ sustainable working and do everything they can to maximize our corporate responsibility, “said Miltenburg. Within the company, sustainability is reflected in all facets.

The central green color

‘Green’ is the central color in the Milin organization. The wide assortment of products consists of environmentally friendly, sustainable and maintenance materials. No maintenance with corrosive or hazardous materials during the operational phase. A simple soapy water conforms to years a beautiful facade, dormer windows, walls and ceilings, sunroom etc. Even though the waste that remains is reused during production. While the materials, after their maximum lifespan also be 100% recycled, there is no waste and the environment do not have to drain on natural resources or raw materials, “said director Bob Miltenburg..