In architecture you see in a variety of ways the designer’s signature back in the building. Especially the facade image gives a distinctive identity that you want to keep for decades. In addition to appearance and quality, sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the choice of finishing materials. Something you would like to keep in mind as an architect at an early stage.

Long life and low environmental impact

The environmental impact is a major problem worldwide and happily gets the highest priority in the construction sector. Circular and Biobased building are currently the most discussed subjects are in Dutch construction and not for nothing: by deliberately choosing high-quality long-life finishing materials, which are maintenance-friendly and recyclable as much as possible, the waste percentage can be reduced to zero. As an innovative, sustainable company, Milin has been in the forefront of high quality finishing materials with a longer life span and lower environmental impact, which are also UV-resistant.

Contemporary Technology for Contemporary Character

The character of a property depends largely on the used materials used. In order to keep this look as good as possible, you can choose plastic instead of natural material. Milin features state-of-the-art technologies that can perfectly imitate any natural material: high-quality plastic finishing material with the same look, but maintenance-friendly and with a much longer life span.

Duurzame gevelbekleding voor alle toepassingen

gevelbekleding soortenBecause the extensive range of durable wall cladding at Milin is available in countless colors and models, this gives the designer a lot of freedom in designing and designing the project. Certainly when it comes to contemporary modern designs where specific colors, structures or properties are desirable. Milin’s durable products are widely used; both in the new construction, maintenance and renovation sector. Our panels have a base material of plastic, full foam, HPL or fiber cement. The panels are available in different models like; sponning part, discount, pot cover, stone strip, flat panel or sheet material.

Foremost in trends, developments and quality

We closely monitor Milin’s developments in the market and closely monitor trends in color and design. We carefully assemble our assortment to meet everyone’s wishes. Everything we deliver is of the highest quality; Thanks to our CE marking, our products comply with all Dutch and European regulations.

We are happy to assist you

Milin has been leading the field of durable facade cladding for many years. Let yourself be surprised by the unprecedented possibilities you have with our wide range. For example, order each product to have a free color sample to evaluate the product itself. This can be found on the specific product pages.