With VinyPlus Cladding you ensure that a home or business will receive a stylish and attractive character.

VinyPlus is a brand roofing and cladding made of high quality plastic. Meanwhile, the brand has gone through many innovations and developments. There are four different models; Rabat, round side, opdekdeel combined with round side and roof panels. Meanwhile, the brand has become a household name in the Dutch reduction.

Great designer freedom by different applications.

The four models are made of high quality plastic which is finished with a structure foil. The film structure gives the panels a unique and stylish character that is almost indistinguishable from real wood, ensures the UV resistance and moisture resistance. Due to developments, it is possible to produce the films in different colors. Meanwhile the VinyPlus range from standard 20 solid colors exist. However, this can be expanded up to 50 additional structure films with a minimum purchase of 60m2. The finishing profiles are available in the same colors for a uniform and beautiful finish. The VinyPlus cladding panels can be placed both vertically and horizontally.

 rondkant  rabat  opdek  dakrand

VinyPlus is frequently used in the renovation, new construction, timber, housing and do-it-yourself sector. Thanks to the long lengths of 6 meters, it is easy to apply and has a simple installation thanks to the slots and a convenient mounting instruction.

Properties that you can not ignore

We are always working to improve the product. In recent years VinyPlus has a label and tag attached to it. Thanks to the CE mark the product complies with all Dutch and European regulations. This makes it an official mark for siding throughout Europe. In addition to the CE marking is to use a product for sustainable building thanks DuBo mark.

The tag and label are due to the following properties:

Low maintenance
No more painting
moisture Resistant
UV resistant
100% recyclable
environmentally friendly
easy assembly
10 year guarantee

Plastic or wood siding

Nowadays more and less choice for wood as a finishing product. Plastic has become indistinguishable from genuine natural wood due to the structure foil and wood look colors. In addition, you do plastic never to paint again and it lasts for years by the maintenance property. Wood will flake on at length, discoloration, mold or warping, this will never happen to plastic.

The biggest reason for the choice of plastic material lies in the cost. Wood will be cheaper to buy than plastic, when the years pass it will be just more expensive. Plastic has a longer service life and requires little maintenance. In order to retain the properties and appearance of wood, it is necessary to apply a renovation after +/- 5 years.

Free color sample!
Let convince yourself of the product, color and features a free color sample. These can be ordered via www.vinyplus.nl on the specific product pages under “color”.

Customer testimonial:
“We Vinyplus bought because of its durability, strengthens one that is low maintenance. On the front and rear mounted in place of wooden laths. I would definitely recommend to others. Saves a lot of painting. “

Thomas de Rijk