The durable façade cladding range now consists of 13 different façade panels. Last summer we introduced the new rebate part Multitexx. This panel has a unique appearance of brushed wood and is frequently used in new construction and renovation projects.

Multitexx is a new modern facade panel that is made out of PVC with a full foam core. This modern panel has a brushed structure that has the appearance of rough-fired wood. With this new section we want to offer a durable and low-maintenance façade panel with a natural wood look.

V-groef verbindingThis façade panel with a length of 2400mm and a height of 285mm (working: 250mm), has a new connection between the panels, the V-groove. Multitexx cladding has a perfect closure. This means that no butt joints or joining profiles are necessary to connect the panels. Thanks to the V-groove and the usual lengths, it is easy to take care of the assembly.

Multitexx modular façade cladding can be used both vertically and horizontally for the type of modular construction. The easy installation for modular construction is a standard thanks to the well-editable panels and the low weight. The full foam core  is supported with a co-extrusion top layer. This top layer gives the façade panels an extra strength, making it extremely suitable for outdoor use. External influences such as rain, sun and wind will not effect the shelf life and strength of the panels.

Multitexx is available in 6 different colors: White, Cream, Gray, Bassalt Gray, Green and completely new in our assortment Cappuccino.


Brushed structure cladding

With these advantages and charisma, an owner of a holiday park decided to opt for Milin products. In addition to the VinyPlus façade panels in the color Grayed Red Cedar, the chalets have been finished with the new façade cladding Multitexx. The result is a beautiful unique chalet that has been finished with combinations of products. The brushed structure and the V-groove connections can be seen clearly on the image below.

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