Why should I clean plastic siding?

To fully enjoy siding is essential to keep clean the facade. Despite the low maintenance qualities you can not escape to finish the siding and then clean. Not only for the preservation of the facade but also the appearance, which leaves the first impression of your home, office or project. Due to the facade to remain clean both the gloss, color, and technical properties retained for longer.

The siding is often applied to difficult to reach areas. Cleaning this also requires the necessary effort and knowledge. This makes it often happens that the facade is beaten on a spring cleaning, that we strongly recommended.

Plastic cladding Milin

Plastic siding brands Milin are made from recycled plastics often renolit film. Due to this structure foil, which mimics the wood structure, there is created on at expensive pollution in the grooves. In addition to the recycled plastics has Milin fiber cement and full foam panels. These panels have no film but contain irregularities on the surface where dirt can settle in it.

Cleaning plastic cladding

Because the cladding is often difficult to reach places, it is recommended at all times to carry out the cleaning by a specialized company. This way you will facade receive proper attention for best results.

If you do choose to do this yourself, must be taken into account a number of things:

Always pay attention to safety! Make sure you are always secured when you work at heights or use a scaffold. Go quietly and meticulously to work.

Advance the facade must be well dusted, so that all the dirt and dust of the façade is removed. Do this carefully because if there remains dirt, scratches may cause the cleaning movements.

Do not use a ladder or pressing on the facade alone, this may have dents or cracks appear, which is the last thing you want!
For the cladding products Milin, it’s recommended the facade cleaned at least twice a year.
If compliance with these points, it’s time to actually clean the facade, this two ways:

High pressure sprayers:
Make sure there is enough space between the wall and the nozzle of the pressure washer. A rotating nozzle is strongly discouraged.

Cleaning agent:
Without any corrosive, aggressive or chemical file sharing and no hard brushes or wire brushes. A plastic detergent meets all requirements here. Note that you can not long-term leave for the detergent and rinsing with clean well water.

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