Summer is unfortunately over, the rain and cold weather coming our way! Time to put away all the furniture and make your way to the warm living room.

Hopefully you can enjoy the sun in your seat on the composite decking Thom Deck. More and more people see the benefits of composite decking. The wooden decking replaced in large numbers by compressed wood chips and plastic, also known as WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) called planks.

Composite decking

By means of the compaction of wood chips and plastic you create composite decking. Have the decking of ThomDeck, by the compression, the following properties:

Low maintenance
environmentally friendly
easy assembly
Anti slip
Solid form

Why opt for wood decking? The appearance of the Thom Deck composite decking is identical to wood decking. Also, you lose less time with these properties to the maintenance. The decking a few times a year is sufficient to cleaning, sanding and painting now belong to the past.

Types of decking

Milin offers 2 types Thom Deck decking to the “classic” and “anti-spot”. Both types of decking made from similar materials and have similar properties. The difference lies in the surface.

Anti Spot decking

Anti Spot decking has an area with a natural wood grain. The top layer is provided with a wear-resistant and weather-resistant coextrusion (plastic) layer.

Classic decking

The Classic decking has an authenticity thanks to the ribbed non-slip surface. The anti-slip layer are the Classic decking child friendly and is easy to keep clean.

To clarify the difference between the two types of decking we have videos on our Youtube channel.

composiet vlonderplanken

Applying decking

In addition to an attractive terrace gardens, balconies and roof terraces, Thom Deck decking boards are also suitable for fences, pools, piers, bridges, roofs and fences.

The confirmation of Thom Deck decking is made with start profiles, fasteners, finishing strips, brackets and screws. For confirmation of Thom Deck decking we have an assembly instruction on our website are available.

Why wood? If you have composite decking with better features!

Any questions about Thom Deck decking? Contact us at or call 030 657 90 20.