Milin B.V. supplier of durable finishing materials from the Netherlands, has been working since 2004 to not only deliver sustainable finishing materials, but also to be sustainable in the business. Sustainability and responsibility is as a green thread through the organization .. From the small waste and duplex printing to water reuse and recovery of heat through flywheel system. But the greatest contribution lies in the daily transport of sustainable finishing materials.

Due to strong growth drive already seven trucks around the country to provide sustainable finishing materials every day. The trucks can deliver our durable panels up to 6 meters long and run daily to deliver orders (possible within 24 hours). Thanks to own drivers who know the roads by heart, so  they strive to make every delivery on time. The durable finishing materials are unloaded on site, so you can start well prepared for the job.

transport Milin

These are not just trucks but trucks even been praised by the international jury for his great contribution to efficiency and environmental friendliness at the “International Truck of the Year 2016”. The trucks are equipped with all the latest technical innovations so that they score well on fuel consumption and total CO2 emission. Thanks to its low fuel consumption, minimal CO2 emissions and agility (length: 8 meters) our trucks are suited to drive even within the environmental zones. All our durable finishing materials can be delivered to the center of all major cities in the Netherlands.