Sustainable building, that is the focus with regard to the construction industry not only in Netherlands but all over the world in developed countries. are at the climate summit in 2015, all countries participating in it, agreed to reduce the environmental pollution. Sustainable building was one of the agenda items at this meeting, where it was agreed to invest more in sustainability.

The agreements on the climate in connection with the recovery from the economic crisis seems to be an ideal match to invest in sustainability, but this does not happen in practice. According Cobouw there are 84% of all tenders in which sustainability plays no role.

The biggest reason for this is that the Netherlands is lagging behind in promoting sustainability. According to research, held in interested in sustainability as managers, policy makers and managers, the government is doing too little for contractors to sustainability.

It is high time for action sustainable building

The offer from the government to promote sustainability is much too complicated. Costumers to be overwhelmed with information about advice concerning grants or depart completely from here.

In addition to the complicated regulations regarding sustainability is that the earth is not prepared for future developments. become depleted natural resources which prices will increase for a certain number of non renewable materials. With the increasing growth of the world population, this development will end up in the rapids.

The solution seems simple and that is it

First, the government must take the first steps in simplifying the rules and subsidies to get back to join the rest of Europe. Encourage more contractors to opt for sustainability.

Secondly, what is quenched with sustainable building materials is the price, which we would like to remove. At purchase, the price of durable goods higher than current materials. However, in the long run this difference is paid back by the long life of the sustainable materials and the elimination of possible maintenance and renovations. Plastic is one such product that has a long life and low maintenance.

Thirdly, Plastics also has the property that it is 100% recyclable. The panels and profiles can be formed into new panels or profiles. The plastic will not lose its strength and that is breathed new life into.

Fourth, the appearance of durable materials such as plastic. It still has the idea that plastic is ugly, unnatural and does not feel hot. Today, thanks to all the technological advances, it is possible to form plastic to the wishes of the customer. So as to give there are several techniques for synthetic material is a natural appearance. 3-color technology, nerfstructuren, wood yards and different wood colors creating a natural look with plastic properties.

Finally, sales of sustainable housing is better and faster. Research indicates that dwellings durable furnishings are more and sell faster. One searches often boarding houses where they can immediately having to perform without major repairs or renovations. Boarding Houses which are additional durable, what more could you want?

In short, the choice of sustainable building materials is an easy step that can be made. The benefits weighed against the advantages of non-renewable materials, the price difference will only notice when purchasing, quicker sale of property, the possibilities are varied so there is always a solution and it is not at all harmful to the environment.

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