Where earlier wood was used as a universal building material, the choices are nowadays different. Due to shifts in customer’s need, the environmentally conscious of man and the wishes for creativity, there are nowadays various materials available to deliver a unique project. Because the facade of a house or business building remains the business card where they first form their image.

The art is in the dust and Milin’s assortment plays well. The durable assortment consists of different materials with unique appearance and properties that are used for facade, roof, wall, ceiling and floor.

Types of materials

The largest assortment of low maintenance exterior wall cladding consists of the following materials: Plastic, Fiber Cement, HPL, Stone and Stone Strips.

PVC wall cladding

Plastic is today the most used material for finishing the facade. Not only the facade cladding is made of plastic but it also takes into account edges of edges and side edges.

Plastic has many advantages when it comes to assembly and maintenance. For example, plastic is maintenance-friendly and durable. It takes a long time with minimal effort when it comes to cleaning for maintaining the appearance and properties. Besides, plastic nowadays has a natural appearance through applied structures and nerve. The plastic panels are finished with an external quality foil that is available in a variety of colors.

The assembly is simplified by the easy edibility, long lengths for coating large area and the easy fixing of screws in the designated slots.

Plastic is widely used in the new construction, renovation and maintenance sector for covering the facade, edge edge, overlay and finishing of plastic frames.

The Milin plastic coverings range consists of the following brands:

kunststof gevelbekledingVinyPlus –A hollow chamber profile panel that is finished with a structural foil. VinyPlus is available in three models: the traditional discount part, the round side or the sponning part and the partition that is mounted in combination with the round panel. The assortment consists of a total of 27 colors available directly from stock.

Amongst the colors you will find woodcraft colors and structures that mimic the natural look of wood, color the traditional rainbow colors or mats for a tight finish

Eurotexx – A full foam facade panel that is finished with a printed grain structure. Eurotexx is available in three models: the double discount, pot lid and with a more intensive down structure, the double discount “T-rex” model. The assortment consists of 11 colors available directly from stock.



houtlook gevelbekledingWoodDesign – A full foam pan lid facade panel finished with a printed grain structure. This facade panel is unique because of its innovative 3-color chonology. Three different colors are applied which results in a 3D appearance of the applied grain structure. These façades have a very natural appearance with the advantages of plastic. The range consists of 3 color groups: Graphite, Silver Gray and Gold Oak.



sponningdeelMultitexx – Also a full foam sponge section that gives a modern look to the façade. The structure has the appearance of rough firewood. This panel is available in 6 different colors: White, Cream, Gray, Basalt Gray, Green and Brand New in the Facade Cladding Market; the color Cappuccino. This new facade panel focuses on projects with a modern rough fires appearance, but with the low-maintenance and durable properties of plastic.


Fibercement cladding

Fiber cement is a less known material than facade finishes compared to plastic. However, it is worthwhile to judge it yourself. Fiber cement is made from Portland cement, ground sand, natural organic fibers, calcium silicate, water and mineral fillers. This means that the material is very strong and durable, but above all it is a fireproof wall covering. It has an A1 fire class which means that it does not contribute to the fire behavior either being flammable. In addition, a top layer is applied that reflects the appearance of natural Cedar wood. Fiber cement is widely used in new construction, renovation and maintenance.

vezelcement gevelbekledingDutchplank– fiber cement facade coating that can be used as a spun part or an open joint. The stock range consists of 4 Dutch colors. A unique feature is that this wall panel can be delivered in any desired Ral, Sikkens or NCS colors at a minimal decrease. The facade panel has a printed grain structure that mimics the appearance of natural Ceder wood.



HPL stands for High Presure Laminate or Volkern in general. This means that the material consists of layers of wood fibers and resins that are compressed at high temperature into a whole. This results in a qualitatively suitable product for finishing facades, edges and overlays. This material is excellent against external influences like sunlight, water and wind. The application options are for both inside and outside finishing. It is widely used as dormer cladding, facade cladding, overhang or roof edge, as well as inside wall finishing.

volkernMilyt – The brand of HPL sheet material within the Milin range. The assortment consists of the HPL plate & the HPL plus plate. The difference is in the plus which stands for a better UV-resistant top layer. The color range is also expanded with new colors. HPL plate is available in: Sand, Gray, Gray, Cream and White. The HPL Plus Plate is available in: Wine, Monuments Green, Quartz Gray, Dark Gray, Brown, Black, Anthracite, Blue and Green.


Stone cladding

In addition to the traditional facade finishes, we also have unique stone facade panels. These are plastic panels where the top layer consists of molten small natural stones. This gives a unique and natural look to the facade image. This combination of materials has the advantages of plastic but the appearance of natural stone. Stone facade panels are widely applied to balconies, holiday homes, caravans, shelters or utility buildings.

steenstrips voor buitenVinyTherm – stone panels are available as flat finish or with a joint. This gives a uniform and universal look to the facade. The color range consists of 12 different shapes. The different designs each have a combination of different natural stone colors. The flat panel features include: Dolomites, Tyrol, Tuscany, Alpine, Sahara, Elba, Helios, Aqua and Ravenna. The V-closure panel consists of: Dolomites, Tyrol, Bordeaux, Tuscany, Alpine, Sahara, Elba, Helios, Aqua, Revenna, Montana and Granite.


natuursteen gevelbekledingVinyStone – stone panels are available as quad panels. This quader panel has a block appearance of bricks through the joints. The color range consists of 12 different shapes. The different designs each have a combination of different natural stone colors. The facade panel consists of: Dolomites, Tyrol, Bordeaux, Tuscany, Alpine, Sahara, Elba, Helios, Aqua, Ravenna, Montana and Basalt.


Stone strips

In addition to the aforementioned facade materials we also have stone strips. Stone strips are excellent when a brick appearance has to be realized but with poorly maintained properties. Normal stone strips are loose brick strips that “stick” on a cement layer. The Milin stone strips are of a different kind. Stone strips are widely used as cladding of holiday homes, houses, commercial buildings and utility buildings. But also as a filling of the space between the ground and the facade.

kunstof steenstripsVinyBrick – Glass fiber reinforced panels that are finished with a special coating and possibly with natural sand grains for the so-called TrueOstone effect. These stone strips have a brick appearance and are hardly distinguished here. The assortment consists of panels with a gray joint or grain structure (TrueOstone effect). The color assortment of gray joint consists of: White, Red, Yellow, Anthracite and Rustika. The granular stone strips are available in: White, Red and Yellow.


steenstripZierer – Plastic panel available as a game band, coarse or as a slate. The wildlife is comparable to VinyBrick stone strips, but in a slightly different color scheme: White, Red, Yellow, Anthracite, Flour of Apple and Red. The coarse panels are larger planes with a robust structure. The coarse color range consists of: White, Anthracite, Apple Blossom and Red Flame. The slate panel sees the appearance of natural slate but with the advantages of plastic. Zierer slate is only available in the slate color anthracite.