Reducing the environmental impact has recently been a hot item in our country. In order to comply with the climate summit agreements in Europe, the Netherlands still has many steps to take until the ultimate goal of CO2 reduction is achieved. The government takes measures at national level, but also expects the citizen to take actions at local level to reduce CO2 emissions.

Topics such as excluding the use of gas, generating green energy with, for example, solar panels and improving the insulation of your home are three solutions that can directly contribute to the local CO2 reduction. These solutions not only contribute to the reduction of CO2, but can also have a positive effect on the wallet in the longer term.

The latter solution -isolation-is the most accessible option of said solutions. Direct results can be booked at relatively low costs.

Facade insulation

There are different types of insulation that can be used in or around the house. Indoors there are options such as sealing seams and cracks, packing heating pipes or gluing films behind the radiator. With regard to the construction of the house, you can think of, for example, replacing glass with double or even tripleglass, or insulating the roof, the creep or the floor. A final option may be to use the outdoor insulation behind the façade cladding, facade insulation.

Insulate with new facade cladding


When you apply new façade cladding to improve your appearance, become more sustainable in finishing materials or because the old façade cladding needs replacement, there is the option to immediately insulate the façade.

Façade cladding from Milin B.V. is mounted on a wooden framework. Between the façade cladding and the rear construction there is a space for the ventilation to run smoothly (which is essential to prevent later defects). Nowadays this space can be partially filled with insulating material that not only improves the insulation, but also does not interfere with the ventilation.

Costs for facade insulation

Facade insulation has major positive effects on energy consumption to heat the home in the winter or to keep it cool in the summer. Compared with other measures for CO2 reduction, this method of insulation has even the most influence. This is because the framework can be placed directly on the existing – mostly brick wall. Then it is a matter of installing insulation material, fixing the new (durable and low-maintenance) façade panels against the framework and Kees is ready.

At the same time, the costs will be further reduced by granting subsidies from the government. Read more about this at the national government.

Duurzame en onderhoudsarme gevelbekleding

Now the best option of isolating is known; facade insulation, it is interesting to see what possibilities there are when purchasing new durable cladding, because there are still some. Our range is the largest in the Netherlands when it comes to sustainable façade cladding in different types, sizes, colors, structures and in different price ranges. There is probably an option between your interest. Do not hesitate to take a look at our range. Order, for example, free color samples to assess the product yourself.

We try, in addition to our sustainable products, to exude sustainability in our operations and transport. Read more about this on the page “A sustainable choice” of Milin B.V. where Eurotexx is its own brand.