Summer is getting closer, the ideal time to create a facade renovation.

Is the wood siding need to be replaced, but you want to preserve the character of the existing property? Or just create another facade look? Browse through the different options to replace your wooden façade for a low-maintenance and durable alternative.

Choose plastic cladding and façade renovation

Wood siding can rot, moldy or discolored by low maintainance. After +/- 5 years, it is even time to replace the wooden panels or renovate. Why choose a lot of maintenance? Choose as an alternative to plastic cladding, which you many years may enjoy carefree! Painting belongs to the past, no more expensive facade renovation for maintenance, with the natural look of wood. What else do you want?

facade renovation

Desired appearance with plastic cladding

Wall panels are also known as plastic laths, Swede rebate, easily or rebate in the vernacular. There are many types of siding within the range of Milin. The types of cladding made of different materials, textures and colors. Cladding is available in (double) rebate, gunwale, round edge, groove part and the new opdekdeel.

Unlike the wooden panels, Milin have a 10 year warranty and will not rot, warp, discoloration or mold.

For each desired look there is a beautiful and lasting solution within the range Milin.

topgevel renovatie

Features plastic cladding

natural look
By arranging the structures have plastic panels a look of natural wood.
Low maintenance
The panels only need a soapy water to keep them clean (at least twice a year)
invisible mounting
The attachment of the wall panels is not visible, in that the panels run above one another and are therefore not to see the fastening slots.
UV resistant
The panels have a top layer co-extruded so that they are resistant to discoloration due to UV light.
moisture Resistant
The panels are moisture resistant, but make sure there is good ventilation to prevent moisture accumulation can occur behind the siding.
Available in long lengths
The panels are available in lengths of 6 meters.
perfect closure
Thanks to the corresponding sections of the panels will seamlessly connect and finished edges.
long lengths
The panels are available in lengths of 6 meters to realize a plastic facade quickly and easily.

Buying plastic siding?

Before you take a decision, it might be useful to review the facing panel itself, with your own eyes. Does it meets your expectations? Ore is the color into its own? We offer the possibility to request a free sample or product of the desired mark siding.

Choose a plastic cladding Milin? We like to help you in finding the right dealer. We distribute a wide range of dealers across the country to provide our products and even take care of the assembly.