If you have the largest range of durable finishes, it is obvious that design freedom and product selection are different. Nowadays with all the trends and hypes surrounding a second house, the wishes of the owners have become increasingly complex. Where previously the choice for the finished products used by the builder was chosen, you will see a shift more and more. The end user invests a lot of money and therefore wants to be involved in everything, especially the ultimate appearance.

Nowadays with all developments and innovations you can choose from different ways of thinking. For example, you can choose a sustainable and environmentally friendly second home, you can choose an architecture design, a simple but tight result or the total cost picture, but you can of course combine the ideas.

Choose for the design

Facade cladding Within the Milin range there is something for everyone. The freedom of design is large due to the different types of materials, models, colors and structures. For example, our range consists of the largest offer for facade cladding and roof edges, we have different types of wall panels for indoors, terrace boards in different colors and window sills of concrete clocks to standard white window sills. With this large assortment, you will see more product or color combinations that give the chalet a unique look.

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Choose for sustainability
Creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable look is easy within our largest range of finishing materials. To start with, all our products are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The products last a long time, are 100% recyclable, and for example, deforestation will not take place for finishing a chalet or holiday home. The products have the DuBo label for sustainable building.

Also, because of the possibility of choosing wood-wood colors, you can not only have durable properties in the products, but also create a very natural look.

See how sustainability as a green thread is through our organization

Choose for simplicity
synthetic floor coveringsNot everything is in terms of freedom of design and diverse possibilities. Sometimes one only wants a simple and tight finish that does not need to be addressed. Also for this we offer many possibilities. All our products are available in standard colors such as white, cream or a lot of gray tones, and you can also choose tightly finished panels that do not contain any grain structure.

Choose for the cost tag
Not everyone has a full bank account to finance unique designs. With us, the range is so large that prices of different products vary greatly. For a somewhat cheaper finish of the chalet or cottage we have accommodated numerous products under our own brands. Our products are available from authorized Milin dealers throughout the country.

Curious about our assortment?
On our website we have all information about all our products. There is also the possibility to find brochures, assembly instructions and technical information on every specific product page. It is also possible to request free color samples, to evaluate the product itself and to compare it with the color of the overall appearance of the project.