We crawl slowly out of the economic crisis, people are increasingly spending more and thus increasing the demand for chalets, bungalows and holiday homes! More and more end users want a unique look so it does not drop at all. We see the last time many different colors are used, combinations of colors and chalets in which several types of siding are applied.

Great designer freedom with different types of siding

At Milin’ve come to the right place when it comes to a great designer freedom for the designer or end user. Thanks to the wide range of types of siding there is a solution for each unique design.

The range includes:

fiber cement siding available in all colors

dutchplank gevelbekleding soort

hollow chamber profile cladding structure foil

vinyplus gevelbekleding soort

full foam siding with houtstructuurnerf to mimic a natural wood appearance

eurotexx gevelbekleding soort

full foam siding with 3D color technology

VinyBrick & Zierer:
glass fiber reinforced stone breaks

vinbrick en zierer gevelbekleding soort

VinyStone & VinyTherm:
plastic panels with real stone

vinystone en therm gevelbekleding soort


Give colour to your second house

What could be better than a second home in your favorite colors? It is possible! Back in the 80s when the chalets from England blew hither chalets were standard delivered with colors like black, white or cream.

Today, you can see a trend arose in the delivery of a second home in a variety of colors. Below you will find holiday homes lined with Dutch Plank fiber cement siding, which is available in all the various colors, a beautiful summers result.

 2e huis dutchplank2e huis dutchplank1


Think about the end user

Maintenance, who is waiting for it? Everyone would prefer to enjoy it as long as possible from their vacation, retirement or a weekend getaway. To spend time painting, staining or sanding nobody is waiting. Choose low maintenance cladding Milin and you’ll only need a minimum of twice a year to clean the siding, the rest of the maintenance is past! Choose yourself for low-maintenance siding or provides this customer as an option. A natural look, but with plastic properties.

We have more!

In addition to the diverse range of cladding has Milin more building material for cottage construction. For finishing frames and doors Milin has a total package that includes: moldings, reveal sides, window sills, doors, door fittings and sandwich panels.

For inside finish are hygienic ceiling tiles and wall and ceiling solutions for example in the washroom.

Motivo & Kerradeco:
A warm and cozy decor of the living room, kitchen or bedroom, there is decorative wall.

Thom Deck:
To complete the picture and the end user to provide the ultimate in summer there are composite decking. The composite decking can be used an alternative to hardwood or stone for a patio.

In short, plenty of choice, plenty of designer freedom and plenty of time to enjoy the summer and the chalet thanks to the low maintenance aspect.