Belangrijke aandachtspunten na montage van gevelbekleding

Zit de nieuwe duurzame gevelbekleding op je gevel? Dan zijn er nog een aantal aandachtspunten waarop gelet moet worden. Doe je dit niet, dan kunnen de gevelpanelen op den duur gebreken vertonen, die moeilijk tot niet te verhelpen zijn.

Keep at all times space between the substrate and the ventilation start profile so that it can be hot air vented away. Do you not, then there is a chance that the temperature gets behind the siding, causing extreme effects occurs. This may result in cracking of the top layer, causing discoloration may occur.

onderhoud kozijnenCleaning
Despite the low-maintenance features, you can not escape to clean the siding at least 2 times per year. Not only for the preservation of the coating, but also for the feel. Due to the facade to remain clean both the gloss, color, and technical properties retained for longer.

Do not use cleaners containing abrasive, aggressive or chemical ingredients. Note that you can not long-term leave for the detergent and make sure you have good naspoelt. We recommend strongly against using hard- or steel brushes. May scratch arise in the cladding.

The cladding can also be cleaned with a high pressure spray. Allow sufficient space between the mouth piece of the pressure washer and the cladding. Do not use a rotating mouthpiece.

montage gevelbekledingProtective film

On a number of brands cladding is a protective film on the wall panels in order to protect them during the delivery. Only after the coating of the frontage, it is important to remove the protective film.

It may be that the protective film, there remains a static charge on the panels. Due to this static dirt will settle quickly, this can be prevented by cleaning the same with a simple detergent.

Remedy or exclude vesicles
Improper installation can blisters formed in the top surface of the siding. The cause of blistering is due to extreme effects so that cracks occur which can be filled with air or moisture. Prevent blisters by proper ventilation.

Cleaning the environment

The cladding has become a beautiful result, but after a while the siding gets green trace. Clean the area around the siding clean. Think of a sunscreen that has not been cleaned for ages.