2016 was yet another good year for the construction sector. After years of revenue declines, less spending and in the worst cases even foreclosures now is the time for growth. The outlook for 2017 and 2018 are positive, with promising weather good years for construction companies. The main growth area is residential, with renovation of existing dwellings occupy the biggest role.

The reason for the large part of renovations in the figures is due to several factors. For example, many converted vacant commercial properties in residential, there have been many moves by buying and selling houses, the housing associations are active and there are additional investments in sustainability where a renovation is necessary.


Sustainability is a widely used term, but what does it actually mean? By sustainability can be a lot of products but also services hang on. CSR business practices, respect for the environment and climate, reuse of raw materials and efficient use of energy can answer to the question; “What is sustainability. The dictonary¬†defines sustainability as “1: Long-term, 2: little subject to wear or deterioration and 3: Environmental low impact ‘

A sustainable renovation within reach

The durability can be easily translated into a renovation of a house or business premises. There are several ways to get the concept of sustainability in your home. Most common sustainable investments are:

  • Insulation of existing structures
    • Can with insulating materials such as glass wool, but also by means double glass
  • generate or save energy
    • Saving energy through sustainable lighting or generating with sun panels
  • Use of sustainable products
    • Use of environmentally friendly and recyclable products such as plastic.

Benefits of sustainable renovation

Not only you will be responsible to minimize the environmental pollution but also you ensure that your home or business will sell faster. Sustainable products will provide an appreciation of the project. Because of this investment will doubly repay in the long run.

A renovation to the +/- 5 years is totally unnecessary in a sustainable renovation. The products have a long life and will not start to show soon defects such as discoloration, cracks or peeling, even painting belongs to the past. Also, the sustainable products of Milin are low-maintenance, this means that minimal effort must be made to preserve the appearance and the properties for a long time. Soapy water is enough once or twice a year!

Also, the government promotes sustainable renovation projects. Enquire well if you can qualify for such a grant, again saving a portion of your investment that you can use for other fun things.

Sustainable products Milin

We are more than 12.5 years engaged in the development and delivery of sustainable waste products. These products lend themselves ideally for a sustainable renovation of a home or commercial building.

Our range includes products for an entirely new facade as eaves, siding, eaves and reveal sides as well frame finishes, decking, wall coverings, floor tiles, moldings and ceiling are available with us as sustainable products.

With the products of Milin choose:

  • 100% recyclable
  • environmental friendliness
  • natural look
  • hallmark for sustainable building
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistance to external influences (weather, wind and sunlight)
  • No further deforestation

sustainable operations

Not only our products are durable, even in our business we want to be as sustainable as possible. So we have heat recovery systems, heat pumps and environmentally friendly trucks that deliver sustainable products on site (even within environmental zones).

“Sustainability is a green thread through our organization, as in our catalog”