In manufacturing, food- or other premises where hygiene is being a (large) part Wonderboard is widely used. Wonderboard is the market leader when it comes to hygienic wall and ceiling finishing. Many companies use this product and this number is growing! The growth is made possible by easy install (can install it over the existing wall), hygienic characteristics, no loss of space and it has a very low emission of unpleasant odors or unsanitary substances.

The reason for using Wonderboard

In various areas where they have to work clean and there guidelines should be drawn up in accordance with HACCP, is the use of Wonderboard ideal. For both renovation and new construction of the wall and ceiling panels is Wonderboard suitable.

Steel sandwich panels or tiles are oftentimes used for covering these areas. At the initial stage there is no cloud in the sky, only later reveals that it is a breeding ground for bacteria. The joint between the tiles release, it is not cleanable and, just like the steel sandwich panels to rust, and it is and looks unhygienic. Wonderboard panels have a self-cleaning effect which makes them easy to clean and maintain. The surface has an embossed so that dirt is difficult to establish nests and dirt can thus be cleaned raids across multiple angle.

Very low to no emission of Wonderboard

In addition to the cleaning of the walls and ceilings emissions is an increasingly important topic. Emission, in this context, means the push-off of substances or odors of, in this case, wall and ceiling. A portion of this emission is itself such as where to take the smell. Another part is less well to observe, but it may affect the hygiene of the product or the health of the employees.

Alternative wall and ceiling will have to deal with VOC (volatile organic compounds). The Wonderboard panels have a very low emission! Minimal or no emission of odor or substances. As a result, the workers will be, but also the products that are produced in this space, do not come into contact with substances or unwelcome odors. Thanks to this feature Wonderboard have the products the A + tag-emission interior materials.

Low emission interior materials

Renovation or new construction?

Are you planning to implement a renovation or there is a new development in the planning? Do not hesitate and make use of Wonderboard the market leader when it comes to hygiene solutions for wall and ceiling. look at what all is possible in terms of products, where it has all been applied can be seen in the finished projects and we have a number of applications where it is used frequently.