Good preparation in half of the work

The preparation begins when the panels arrive on site, check the delivery. We treat the products with the greatest care, but we ask you to check the delivery upon arrival.

After the panels have been delivered, it is important to have somewhere to deploy the panels. Storing VinyPlus panels must indoors, horizontally on a flat surface with sufficient support. Make sure the panels last be exposed to sunlight, making the protective film may be defective.

Be sure to have all the necessary items at your fingertips, so you can switch quickly. It is also useful for cutting in advance for the panels so you can immediately start the battens and the installation of the siding.

Supporting cladding, the battens

Have you made all the preparations and you are ready to hold the facade? Then start the assembly at the skeleton, the framework. On the battens is mounted a vapor-permeable film on the inside and the wall panels and sections are fixed to the outer side.

When making of the battens must be fulfilled to meet different requirements. The thickness should be at least 20mm and the width at least 48mm. The control work is in the surface on h.o.h. mounted 300mm. The first rules places from the corner at maximum 200mm. Before you start making the battens, read Step 3.

The skeleton need profiles

While making the battens must ventilation profile between the beams and the ventilation profile start profile vinyplusstaanders be mounted. With the ventilation profile do you ensure that pests can not find a way behind the siding and warm air can be vented away at any time.

Make sure that the ventilation and the start profile are mounted horizontally.

For vertical and horizontal mounting use different starting profiles. It is also important to drill for vertical mounting holes in the starting profile for drainage.

Time to fix the panels

Now, the line work state and the profiles are attached, it is important to attach to the wall panels at the fastening screws and vinyplusstartprofiel against the battens. For fixing the panels we recommend to use screws of at least 30mm long and a minimum size of the koplat 3mm.

At the top of the wall panels are slotted holes where the screws must be mounted loosely. The fixing screws should be mid-mounted in the slots so that the panels have the space to work with temperature differences.

Connecting the panels

To connect the wall panels to each other, there are connecting profiles. The connecting sections are available in aluminum or plastic in any VInyPlus color for a clean finish.

In addition to the connection profile, there is also the butt joint connection for connection of a number of panels.

connection profile butt joint connection

Connection Profile Gust Retainers

Finish with mounting profiles
We have arrived at the last step, the finishing touch of mounting VInyPlus siding. We have two kinds of moldings: the outer corner profile and end profile. The outer angle section is used for connecting two walls which opens into a corner. The end profile is used in the finishing of a single facade.

end profile outside corner profile

End profile External corner profile

Child can do the laundry
With the named steps can occupy an entire wall with VinyPlus plastic facade famous thing. For questions you can always contact our office staff that you’d help you get started! Accessible via: or by telephone on 030 657 90 20.