Eaves will provide a sleek and beautiful finish of a dwelling, premises or any other project. The roof panels are made of recycled plastics that meet all the criteria for a good outdoor quality. The roof assembly is usually provided by performers with four different attachments are possible. Where do you go for? Let us know in a comment at the bottom of the page.


The eaves within the range Milin very well by mounting the do-it-yourselfers. Loves at all times, before starting work, please read the safety. The mounting of a roof edge happens in most cases, high above the ground. In addition, the eaves panels are supplied in long lengths.

  1. Bonding

Before you start gluing the roof is the first thing, the surface on which the roof is fixed, easy to clean with a cleaner. In direct bonding, you use Hi-tack adhesive for a strong and blind attachment. If the eaves placed at height, always make sure that at least two screws in accordance with the Building Regulations. The building code has been determined that there should be mandatory worked with screws at heights from 2 meters.

The connection between two roof panels is provided by the connection profile. Is placed the eaves, you can begin to work on the eaves with moldings.

  1. Screw

The simplest way to confirm a roof edge is by screws, thereby, however, there is no blind attachment. The screws are available in stainless steel Torx screws with a plastic cup in matching colors. In the use of screws, it is important to the eaves, during assembly, to align with uitvulplaatjes. After attaching the roof with screws you can start finishing with moldings.

  1. Fastener right angle version

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The fastening with clip right angle is possible only when VinyPlus eaves program.

The right angle profile under mounting the battens with screws you end up caring for a blind attachment.

In this section there are clips pushed. The inserted clips are distributed over the entire width, and you can easily attach the clips to the eaves. It is only matter still to finish the eaves with moldings for a clean and beautiful appearance.

  1. Fastener assembly eaves click execution
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The confirmation of clicks is only possible when VinyPlus eaves program.

The clicks are fixed directly onto the frame. Before going to fix the clips is the first case in order to determine the positions with the aid of the alignment of a tensioning wire. Be meticulous in alignment to avoid problems!

The roof panels VinyPlus you can now easily manage “clicking” for a blind attachment. After these actions, it is important to finish the eaves with moldings.


1. Roof panel is clicked in the clips
2.The clips are attached directly to the battens

Safety Tips:

-clean workplace
-Observe the area and see if there are some dangers, think of electric cables or safety of the people on the street.
-Saw, on the ground or on a suitable and stable working table, the panels to the correct length
-Work with at least two people
-Provide a safe scaffold or ladder
-Takes account of wind and weather


-Ladder or scaffold
-measuring Tools
-Saw (hand saw, jigsaw or circular)
-Kit spray for bonding
-tension Wire
-screw Machine
-Torx screws
-Cleaner for cleaning by direct bonding
-Storage for residual materials or waste


This is the range of eaves of Milin B.V.

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