Deeplas, now also in the new Milin stock catalog Durable finishing materials in 2017

Milin B.V. has expanded its eaves program full foam roof panels Deeplas. The products are characterized by their sleek look and easy installation. Also features like UV resistance, environmental friendliness and high quality panels characterize the roof panels.

Milin disposal within the eaves line already several roof panels that partly because of the quality, many models and materials, is a great success. In the new stock catalog 2017 has added Milin Deeplas roof panels. Deeplas has a wide reputation in construction and now also available in Milin.

The new catalog focuses entirely on highly topical issues within the current building. Milin is responding with a number of innovative, environmentally sound and sustainable development. Materials that require little maintenance and years of ensuring carefree appearance of the facade.

Solid and strong

Deeplas roof panels are a prime example. The roof panels are characterized by a nice and tight denominator. Furthermore, the maintenance and UV resistant. Deeplas is mainly used in construction, maintenance and renovation market.

The roof panels are available in white and cream and are available with matching moldings and accessories for a beautiful finish.

100% synthetic

deeplas dakrandenDeeplas eaves income Deeplas new panels are 100% synthetic, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Where wooden eaves after a few years questions intensive maintenance, this plastic roof panels totally unnecessary. The eaves are supplied in lengths of 6 meters, which guarantee a simple and quick processing. Deeplas is available in 2 different types. Right angle 75 mm and 90 mm for a tight finish corner of the eaves and overhang and Bullnose where very simple, after the roof is installed, the overhang can be placed.

The plastic properties are the Deeplas roof panels under the DuBo label for sustainable building. We are also convinced of the quality of the panels and we give a guarantee of 10 years.


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