New: opdekdeel VinyPlus

Milin is not only a supplier of eaves, floors, walls or ceilings, but we specialize in supplying plastic siding. We continue to work on innovation and product innovation. Our standard plastic cladding is extended with a new type of front part: the opdekdeel of VinyPlus. With this renewal, a new dimension is given to the look of the facade.

New look

The basis for this is the opdekdeel combined with VinyPlus around side panel. The opdekdelen are thicker than plastic panels around the side variant. The thickness of the opdekdeel creates a deeper dimension by shade giving an intense experience to the facade.

Mounting the opdekdeel

The opdekdelen are to be mounted vertically only and are mounted between around side panels. Opdekdeel it’s like around side panels a standard length of 6 meters and are made of high quality recycled plastics. The attachment, color and structure of the film is the same as the round edge panel. The connection to the surrounding side panels are seamlessly and be finished with the same profiles. This creates a uniform and smooth finishing facade with unique appearance.

The unique appearance is useful in several ways. You can unleash your own creativity on it, to create a unique look. The panels can be placed and, for example, as well as 1 to 2 so that the facade will get a totally different look. It can even work with different colors to make forward the effects are even better. As you read this, there are plenty of opportunities to apply this new opdekdeel as siding.

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