Painting plastic cladding

At a time when we are ecoming busier and less time on hold for ourselves, we are looking for ways to save time. A large gains can be made with the low-maintenance plastic cladding Milin.

In addition to the low-maintenance features, it is no longer necessary to paint your facade. The plastic panels Milin are available in many colors and have a structure foil or a coextrusion layer which protects the panels against all weather conditions.

Can I paint plastic siding?

It is possible to give the plastic wall panels, after a period of time, a different color. However, this will invalidate the warranty that we offer. To paint plastic panels to be used another method is compared to painting a wooden facade.

Make your choice to display the plastic panels a different color, please note that the primer must be painted on the panels of all plastic panels. Because of this primer will adhere well to the paint to the panels. Do you do this, then there is a chance that the paint afbladert.

If you’re new to color facade, it is recommended at all times to enable a specialist who can give good advice to treat the plastic cladding.

Renewing siding

An appropriate solution is to remove your siding and replace for new panels in the desired color. The battens, to which the siding is installed, and is still making it simple and easy for new panels to screw into. The old panels can recycle you, or offer on ads site for the panels to breathe a new life. You will also bear a result care to the environment.