More and more we see a increase demand for plastic bricks of the brands VinyBrick and Zierer. Product developments and innovations, has have these plastic bricks now indistinguishable from real bricks. This allows to create a shift in the use of finishing materials for facades. Plastic bricks are very durable, low maintenance and in most cases cheaper, these are the main reasons for this shift.

Why plastic bricks?

Plastic stone strips come in many shapes and sizes, made of plastic with auxiliary materials to enhance the product. Fiberglass is such a auxiliary equipment. Because it is reinforced with fiberglass, plastic bricks can withstand a blow. In addition, the material is also selected for special coatings to increase the lifetime of the product and to imitate a natural appearance. The natural look is emulated by the brick pattern with joints that may even come with a grain structure. The grain structure creates a feeling of real brick.

In addition to the material properties the rate has a great influence on the choice. Many think that brick is a cheap solution for covering your facade, it is different in practice. Bricks are heavy in weight and so requires an extra solid foundation. Besides the foundation is not convenient to own montage bricks, this must be done by a specialist. Both of these cases is reflected in the total cost for a brick facade. Synthetic stone strips the other hand, are light of weight and are mounted on a work line of timber. During assembly, it is not necessary to turn on a specialist, you can easily do it itself.

Plastic bricks are per m2 cheaper than the total package of bricks. Plastic bricks have only one line of work required when the plates are fastened with screws. The bricks need a good foundation and the masonry make this a more expensive option. For plastic bricks you pay (if you assemble it yourself), +/- € 60, – per m2 for the bricks are around € 70 to € 90 per m2.

What types of bricks are there?

The range of bricks in the Milin range consists of:

kunstof steenstripsVinyBrick – Stone strips made of plastic reinforced with fiberglass in a brick pattern (True0stone-effect). Available in gray panels with joint and grain structure.



kunstof steenstripsZierer – Stone strips made of plastic in a brick pattern. Available in wild context, coarse texture and slate slabs.




kunstof steenstripsVinyStone – Stone strips made of plastic melted top layer of real natural stone with joint. Available in quaderpaneel.




kunststof steenstripsVinyTherm – Stone strips made of plastic with a melted top layer of real natural stone. Available in a flat finish and add.

Where to use plastic bricks?

We see that the plastic bricks are widely used in the following industries:

  • Vacationhouses
  • Timber frames
  • Utiliteitsbuildings
  • Housing construction

The stone strips are applied in different ways. They can fill up at the chalet the height difference of the ground, are used as cladding or as a double wall. Both for renovation and new construction projects are the plastic bricks ideal.

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