Durable frame finish

Are you active in the joinery industry and / or do you regularly need moldings? Then you’ve come to the right place. We have the widest range of durable finishing materials, including durable moldings are a wide range. The moldings of Milin you will be able to handle any frame-job.

Different types of finishing profile

There are different types of moldings are within our range. The materials consist of plastic and MDF. The moldings are universal, ie they are applicable to any job and many brands. We have, among other things:
– Z-profiles
– H-profiles
– U-profiles
– T sections
– Equilateral angles
– Scalene angles (rounded or sharp)
– Fold Corner profiles
– Sleeve Profiles
– Flat Strips (with soft lip)
– Profiles room with angled lip.

Besides the moldings we have different types of window sills, panel profiles and sandwich panels for a total package of frame finishes.

plastic finishing profile

The PVC and full foam moldings and baseboards are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. This allows the range offers plenty of choice for the perfect finish for your project. The skirting boards and profiles are UV resistant, easy to handle, easy to install, environmentally friendly, durable and above all maintenance.

Painting belongs to the past.

The plastic moldings can be supplied with foil structure, making them available in different colors. By default, the white smooth and creamy smooth. There are moldings that can be supplied with a nerfstructuurfolie, this I refer you to our catalog for a complete overview of moldings and the corresponding colors. The range consists of 8 nerfstructuren: anthracite, blue, cream, gold oak, green, mahogany, burgundy and white. Besides the nerfstructuren we have three hard PVC colors: cream, white and black.

The moldings and baseboards can be ordered in various widths, thicknesses and lengths up to 6 meters!


mounting plastic finishing profile

Our moldings are made for every job! Are very easy to handle and assemble and especially environmentally friendly and sustainable. The finishing profiles are useful in:

frame Finishes
Set Frames
window sills
reveal sides
door Finish

The moldings are used for both new construction, do-it-yourself sector and renovation projects.

De afwerkprofielen worden gebruikt voor zowel nieuwbouw, doe-het-zelf sector en renovatieprojecten.

finishing profile mounting

The mounting of finishing profiles can be done by stapling, nailing, screws and adhesives. We recommend to do the mounting adhesive, preferably Hi-Tack kit.

Questions about finishing profiles? Feel free to contact us, we’re glad to help! Be reached at: 030 657 90 20 or mail to verkoop@milin.nl.