Panel Fillings need for frame or door? We would like to introduce you to the plastic panel profiles Milin! Especially for manufacturing frames and frames mounting Milin has a plastic panel profile with an extensive color program.

The panel profiles come in three different versions:
– Both sides smooth
– One side with foil
– Or on both sides with foil.

The 3 variants can be obtained in an embodiment with an optional steel reinforcement profile. This profile is supplied separately and must therefore be self-pushed into the panels. The steel reinforcement in the panel is this more resistant to burglary. There are more than to obtain 50 different standard colors, you have a special film on the frame, then we may offer our advice for a similar color on the panel profile.
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The panel profiles are all parapets and plastic frames applicable.

Market development plastic panel profiles

Yet not too long ago, the Profialis (supplier of panel profiles Milin) ​​stopped producing the panel profile: Profialis profile P4100. Milin regret this development but also takes his chance! The molds (mold for the manufacture of the plastic panel) and the production have been incorporated in its entirety by Milin. This may be guarantees continuity in the supply of this panel profiles.

So rest assured; the plastic panel profiles of top quality, continue to be available in the UK and are ready to fill your door or window!


Low maintenance
Steel processing option
easy assembly
UV resistant
Available in many different color foil.



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