Where once about leaving the individual all the contractor / construction company, we see this trend shift. An increasing number of owners want to have influence on the choice of the materials, and the mark being used. Where once the specialist knew all about the materials and brands, this information also be placed by the end user (private). Via fast mediums such as the Internet, paying particular Social Media is gathering information and opinions on the material or brand easier.

Increasing influence of the private

According to research by Building Knowledge, which was conducted in June 2016, the role of the wishes of the individual increases. More than 30% of specialists and generalists expect that the role of the individual in the material and brand choice will increase in the coming years. The figures tell us that on average 48% of all jobs, the choice of the type of material is done with the private agreement. Average decide 2.5% of the individuals the choice of the material itself, without any consultation.

The choice of brand is a little lower in numbers but here exporters expect an increase in. On average 36% of all orders the brand is determined in consultation with the individual. The choice made for the mark merely the individual is or high on average 5.5%.

Let your well informed

Do research and ask whether the information you have found true about a particular material or brand. Do not take everything that can be found on the Internet or what people say to you. Investigate whether this information is correct, for example the supplier or specialist. For material or brand information you www.milin.nl at the right place. Information in the form of brochures, assembly instructions, videos, product, project photos, equipment and more. You can download or request any information on the specific product pages.

Source: bouwkennis.nl