Recently we have launched our new website with pride. The new website makes it possible to view all the products Milin, to request product information, sample applications, see mounting instruction leaflets, online walk through our showroom and buy products online quickly and easily through the ordering. The convenience is great that we can help you best with your project.

Product websites

Milin’s products are not only seen on In addition to this website, we have several websites that provide information about a specific brand. Brands like Eurotexx, VinyPlus Thom Deck Milyt and Wonderboard have their own website where the product is highlighted. With this website we want to reach customers as they look for example at the VinyPlus brand. To answer this question, we have the product websites blown in life.

In this product websites we go deeper into the information about the product. It’s also possible to download your product brochures and mounting instruction leaflets, watch product videos, contact by contact and view completed projects.

Take a look at the websites:

Blog durable siding

Besides and specific product sites, we have our own Milin blog. On this website you can find all the latest news about the products and the market. Do you want to be aware of the latest news in the durable finishing materials industry? Please consult our blog!

You walk into anything, did you find whether you can about a subject little information? Let us know and we’ll find it out for you.

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