Quality marks are there to guarantee independent quality guarantee of the process or product. The business sector uses these quality marks to ensure that the risks, for example in food safety, are limited to the minimum. Nowadays you have quality marks that are supplied from the government or labels that are made up by the business world. The truth and authenticity of these hallmarks is somewhat toned down.

Meanwhile, the market Wonderboard has entered, the food industry, numerous quality marks. Because the criteria for these hallmarks are often not clear to the consumer because there is an overlap or the total is not clear what the quality mark exactly means. As a result, the consumer can no longer see the forest through the trees. Below you will find the different labels that Wonderboard has.


HACCP wandenHACCP walls HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. When processing, moving, handling, packaging, preparing or producing food, things can go wrong that endangers the safety of the food. Companies that have to deal with food are therefore obliged to draw up a food safety plan that complies with European legislation. The origin of HACCP comes from space travel where NASA devised the system for the safety of food in space.



duurzaam bouwenSustainable buildingThe Dubo quality mark proves that a product is one of the most environmentally friendly choices for construction. With these products no harmful emissions occur and tells us that the raw materials used have been extracted in a sustainable manner.

The factories that produce the Wonderboard panels are ISO 9001: 2008 certified. The ISO 9001: 2008 is a standard that sets requirements for the quality management system of an organization. It meets the USDA / FSIS requirements and is accepted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).


FDA is een internationaal keurmerk dat is opgesteld door de Food en Drug Administration in Amerika. Het is onderdeel van het agentschap van de federale overheid in de Vereningde staten. Het keurmerk staat voor de kwaliteit van voedsel en medicijnen. Het FDA draagt zorg aan de regels van de Public en Health Service Act worden nageleefd.


USDAUSDAUSDA / FSIS stands for United States Department of Agriculture and Canadian Food Inspection Agancy. This is the Ministry of Agriculture in the United States. The goal of this ministry is to implement policy in the field of food. This ministry cooperates with the Ministry of health care and social affairs to map out food safety and to enforce rules and policies.

A+ Emissie

Emission, in this context, means the rejection of substances or odors from wall and ceiling coverings. Part of this emission can be observed, such as the smell. Another part is less noticeable, but it can have consequences for the hygiene of the products or the health of the employees.

With alternative wall and ceiling coverings you will have to deal with VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The Wonderboard panels have a very low emission! Minimalist to no emission of unwanted odors or substances. As a result, the employees, but also the products that are produced, processed or packaged in that space, will not come into contact with uninvited substances or odors. Thanks to this feature of Wonderboard, the products have the A + marking of low-emission interior material.

Beter Leven

The Better Life quality mark is on meat products. This label wants to say in short that the animal has had a good life before being packaged in that particular package. This quality mark has a number of quality requirements that tell us in what conditions the animals have lived. This concerns the food of the animals, the living environment and the living conditions. The walls and ceilings that meet certain requirements also count among the living environment. Wonderboard does not have the Beter Leven quality mark (which is quite logical because it is not meat products), but it does contribute to a better living environment for people and animals. Easy to clean, smooth surface and no emission contribute to this.

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