Climate change, it is getting closer! Rainy summers and mild winters are becoming more common, we think it is time for change!

Milin and environmental friendliness

Milin B.V. has more than 13 years supplier of sustainable and environmentally friendly finishing materials, including VinyPlus program. Over the years we have developed a facade product through which recycled material combines with a natural look.

The VinyPlus program is made of recycled plastic, so no plastic is lost but is recycled. Compared to wood, there are no trees will be felled and nature will be preserved state. After the use of the panels of VinyPlus they can be re-used because they are 100% recyclable!

recycling process

The recycling process is as follows:

  • PVC granules are formed into a gable panel
  • The panels are used as a coating
  • For years, enjoying the low maintenance siding
  • Siding panels are melted into PVC pellets
  • The process begins again


VinyPlus has DuBo mark

The DUBOkeur® proves that a product, material and installation to the best environmental choice belongs. This is demonstrated by made by means of an environmental life cycle analysis by the Dutch Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (NIBE), the research institute for sustainable building. By using the nationally recognized LCA methodology is in an independent and scientifically demonstrated that the tested product belongs to the top of the market in terms of sustainability.


Natural wood appearance

The plastic panels themselves have no natural look, but it is created by the application of a structure. The structure will not only create a natural appearance, but gives the ability to order the panels in a variety of colors.

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(voorbeelden van houtlook kleuren van VinyPlus)

The choice is big

Besides the different colors making up the VinyPlus program three types of cladding: Rabat, round side and opdekdeel. For finishing the panels moldings we have a comprehensive program, available in matching colors.

Benefits Recycled Plastic

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Protective
  • 100% recyclable
  • Low maintenance
  • Great design freedom
  • it wil not rot, mold ore discolour!
  • invisible mounting
  • UV resistant
  • moisture Resistant
  • Available in long lengths (6 meters)