Now that the weather is getting winter, people spend more time indoors. This creates an urge to change or renew the device, in order to get the idea to go back to a new home. A part of the installation is done on the window window, on the windowsill. Many residents will decorate their windowsill in a decorative manner, to give the outside appearance a certain atmosphere that fits the entire interior of the house. Read here everything about the windowsill replaced.

It is possible that the decorative items deliver their desired result. However, the windowsill on which it is placed can be outdated, discolored or damaged. It is thought that this is a lot of work to replace the windowsill, in practice this is different.

Replace inside window sill

monteren vensterbankA renovation of the existing windowsill is easier than you might think beforehand. Previously, windows were finished with wood, nowadays renovations or new build windows are finished with plastic window sills. The plastic window sills from Milinboard have a step-by-step assembly instruction which makes the assembly childlikely easy.

For a quick renovation there are also the conversion windows that can be placed over the existing windowsill. This saves you time and money when you remove the old existing windowsill.

PVC inside window sill

Vensterbank slaapkamerWindows windowsill Nowadays plastic is manufactured in such a way that it brings with it many advantages. For example, plastic impact, impact and scratch are solid, low-maintenance, water-repellent, UV-resistant, easy to handle and painting is a thing of the past.

Plastic window sills are available in a pointed or round nose finish, the transfer window sill and the stone look window sill. These window sills are available in different colors such as the standard colors white and cream, but also marble structures are included in the color range.

Natural stone inside windowsill made of plastic

steenlook vensterbankbetonlook vensterbankIt sounds crazy but plastic can also have the appearance of natural stone. Due to developments in the production process, a structure and certain colors can be applied to the surface to create a natural stone look, the stone-look windowsill. The difference can not be seen from a distance. The same appearance, but with the advantages of plastic, the ideal product to create a warm and luxurious atmosphere.