We supply an extensive range of sandwichpanels directly from stock. The panels are available in PVC, HPL, HPL textured foil or aluminum. The structure foil panels can be supplied to the choice of structure foil on one or both sides. The panels are low maintenance and ideal for use as a door jamb or filling.

Various sandwich panels

The sandwich panel has a high insulating capacity and low maintenance. Characteristic of the panels is that they are maintenance free, water resistant, impact resistant and UV resistant. Sandwich panels come in various shapes and sizes. You have come a choice of single or double sided foil. There are no less than 18 grain sizes from stock.

the desired panel Compose yourself with SKS adhesive panels by the adhesive panel itself to make the desired structure with HPL foil or PVC sheet. DIY panels ensure that flexibility and customization at your fingertips. DIY sandwich panels are low maintenance and ideal for use as a door jamb or filling.

applications sandwich panels

For the sandwichpanels of different applications are possible. They are used among other things as door padding, frame padding and parapet. In addition, the panels are used in dormers, housing, road construction and unit construction. The panels Milin’s standard 10 year warranty. Also meet the panels to the guidelines for sustainable building (sustainable building). So you always make an environmentally conscious choice!