Besides wood plastic on the rise, more and more builders’ merchants ask for our products. To support this demand, we have special ‘shop in shop’ displays designed so you besides wood also have a low-maintenance alternative home. This allows you to optimally meet customers come with an extensive range.

Shop in shop presentation

The shop-in-shop presentations are displays in which the products of Milin can be seen separately. Because the displays are provided with a finished wall, you can easily see what will be the end result. The facade is complete with raggelwerk, vapor permeable film, moldings, wall panels and roof edge. By a piece to open at the bottom, we show how the wall panels to be mounted against the raggelwerk. It also can be seen here how it is to be ventilated in the right way.

Custom stock

As the building materials trade you can determine the number of displays, show the products in any way and which brands are integrated into the display. You even have the choice to install the displays themselves or, for a fee, to leave it to the experts Milin.

Standard features:
Subject: 1 unit
Height: 240 cm
width: 80 cm
depth: 18 cm

* The dimensions are variable on request

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