The temperature drops, it’s time to go in the winter months! This means that the storage of cladding has needed special attention for storage siding and that in some cases, installing siding is not justified.

storage siding

All panels should be treated with the utmost care to this is the quality of the end result better.
The panels must be free from the ground, horizontal and stored on a flat surface. The panels need adequate support and advise to cover the wall panels with a tarp to prevent pollution and damage. It is then also possible to stack the packages with sufficient support.
It is of great importance that the facing panels 2 days are given time to be able to acclimatize itself to the environment. At temperatures below 5 ° C above zero must be taken additional measures, such as storing in a heated storage.

confirmation siding

The accessories such as screws, mounting and cleaning products, should be stored at room temperature and prevent them from coming into contact with water.

At temperatures not recommended strongly below 5 degrees to fix the panels.

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