Wind, rain, hail, sun, heat and cold, the weather conditions that may affect traditional finishing materials. The longer these finishing materials are exposed to these influences, the faster will show the material defects when not taken into account during installation. When these defects are in force, it is high time to carry out sustainable renovation.

We dress warmer when the temperature drops and draw a raincoat when it comes pouring out of the sky. Be thus when finishing materials preventive and prepared for the weather, keep as the man charged with the weather.

An example is that finishing materials shrink in cold and expand when it is hot, will operate the materials. The operation, which is not included in the design, may have defects (cracks and loss of color) which does not rule out a renovation.

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If it still is so far, choose a sustainable renovation

In recent years, the technique has been improved so that there are many types of finishing materials have been developed that seek to minimize these defects, or even completely exclude. Milin B.V. The largest range offers sustainable finishing materials, which are resistant to many external influences thanks to high quality materials and protective foils.

Milin supplier for renovations

One address for a variety of durable plastic finishing materials in many shapes, colors, textures, sizes and possible settings. We also provide full support when it comes to installation, product information and advice.

In short, we provide an easily workable product that meets all the high standards and offer the end user that will have a long life-maintenance product. Also, the choice for sustainable products, in the longer term, the cheapest option. It is more expensive to buy but thanks to the long life you will be able to enjoy longer without carrying out a renovation or renewal. No frequent renovations, but a longer preservation of the properties and appearance with plastic finishing materials Milin B.V.

Good to know sustainable facade renovation
Duurzame gevelrenovatie

· Daily deliveries throughout the Netherlands
· Support from every angle
· At least 10 years warranty
· Best value for money
· Largest range of durable finishing materials
· Corporate Social Responsibility

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