After nearly eight years of economic crisis it seems to end. Unemployment is decreasing, people have more to spend and housing prices are rising. The economic crisis has a negative charge, but now we crawl out of it, there will be also opportunities! For example, invest in your home through a sustainable renovation. This not only improves the appearance and longevity, but also increases the value of your property.

Why a sustainable renovation

There are several reasons for a sustainable renovation:

  • Because of the economic crisis older houses deferred maintenance, which now means a renovation.
  • There are fewer grants permits to build new homes, so older houses are being renovated to create a new view.
  • If you sell the property for some time, then a durable renovated view will certainly help.
  • Redevelopment of non-residential to residential.

Many sustainable renovations are made to replace wood. Wood will eventually show defects. Which advanced materials such as plastic will not happen.

duurzame renovatie

If you are going to renovate, why not durable, low in maintenance and cost.

To benefit as long as possible with a beautiful facade is important to take sustainable measures. With the technological advances of today it is very advantageous to choose a durable solution. Not only will you improve the appearance and longevity but also increased the value of the property. The durable finishing materials that can be used, will be more expensive to buy, but it appears that the cheapest solution in the long term.

We help you in finding durable finishing materials

Are you not sure yet what materials you will use in the sustainable renovation? We are happy to help you with the widest range of durable finishing materials. There are many types of durable siding, eaves, overhang panels, exterior ceiling and stone strips for the exterior view of the building. But, even inside we have sustainable solutions such as plastic window sills, decorative and hygienic wall panels and more!

Durable finishing materials assess themselves?

This can easily order free color samples or visiting the many showrooms throughout the Netherlands where our products can be seen. Free color samples can be ordered through the website on the specific product pages under subject “color”.

For more information visit our website or call one of our colleagues who like to help you on your way! Be reached at: 030 657 9020.