The nice weather has arrived, time to set in the garden otherwise, time for green fingers! Everything growing in abundance in the summer so you can fully enjoy your garden. How nice it would be to enjoy your beautiful garden, a terrace maintenance?

A carefree summerproject lichtgrijs classic
project light classic enjoy the sun and all the greenery around you and you do not have to worry about cleaning the terrace. We can offer you a carefree summer with our Thom Deck decking.
Unlike a wooden terrace, the Thom Deck decking: easy to install, non-slip, will not splinter and its shape. The composite decking are kid friendly, so you do not have to worry about maintenance or safety of the children. Also, the composite decking will not rot or mold.



In addition to these features, choose a Thom Deck decking for durability and environmental friendliness! No deforestation will take place for the decking Thom Deck, the wood chips are recycled and composite decking are 100% recyclable.

Create a stylish terrace
Opt for a low-maintenance and durable patio with decking Thom Deck. The decking consists of composite and are an alternative to hardwood or stone. The composite decking, also known as WPC decking (Wood Plastic Composite), are made from strong wood chips in combination with plastic. With this combination, you have a natural look but with plastic properties.

For more information visit here Thom Deck website.

vlonderplankenThere is more possible decking
In addition to an attractive terrace gardens are composite decking also ideal for the use of: balconies, roof terraces, fences, boat moorings, steps, pools, jetties, bridges and fences.

The composite decking Thom Deck are available in an “anti-spot” variant and a “classic”. The anti-spot has a houtstructuurnerf whereby not to distinguish the composite decking boards are relative to natural wood. The Classic has a ribbed structure which has more grip, ideal for use by children.



The two variants are available in 3 different colors: brown, dark brown and gray.

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