Looking at different types of siding? Not sure what material cladding to use? There are available many types of siding.

Milin has more than 12 years supplier of the widest range of cladding. With all types of siding Milin will not only decorate your home, you also increase the value of your home and also you ensure that your years, maintenance can enjoy your facade. Curious about the offer of Milin? Check here already our range of types of siding.

Various types of siding

The range of cladding Milin consist of different types of siding that provide for applications for your project. The different types of materials are:
full foam
Fibre cement

The different types of siding have common feature: no more painting – maintenance – recyclable – UV resistant and environmentally friendly.

plastic wall cladding

Plastic wall cladding is increasingly used as an alternative to wood siding. The wood siding may have defects that are excluded with plastic. So rotten or moldy plastic and not the maintenance of the panels significantly lower because you do not need to be painted or treated with chemicals.

The look of synthetic siding is becoming more varied. There are various solid colors available, including wood look structures. The VinyPlus panels are available in 27 different colors and textures. Check out the entire range VInyPlus.

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full foam cladding

Full foam siding is made of PVC combined with yeast. This combination creates a reaction which creates full foam. This allows the panels are impact resistant, easier to handle and easier to handle.

The appearance of the brands full foam cladding differences. Eurotexx panels are available in double rebate and gunwale features a coarse structure with a co-extruded layer making them ideal as facade cladding.

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Wood Design is available in three unique colors and gunwale with a coarser structure Eurotexx. The 3-color technology, you get a unique wood-look appearance. Besides Eurotexx and Wooddesign siding Milin also Milexx siding and eaves. Milexx is available in shades of cream and white and are available with textured or smooth surface.

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Each brand has its own structure and color palette, this will always be a structure and color for you project among them. The full foam cladding lend itself to new construction, recreational or renovation projects.

Fiber cement siding

Dutch Plank fiber cement siding is manufactured from Portland cement, ground sand, natural organic fibers such as wood pulp FSC, natural calcium silicate, water, and mineral fillers such as fly ash (is released during the combustion of coal). Normally comes ash into the atmosphere, now it is collected for producing fiber cement siding.

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The look of Dutch Plank panels, thanks to the technique similar to cedar. Due to the materials which are used in the production of fiber cement, the panels are fire-resistant (fire class A). Dutch Plank siding is available in all RAL, NCS and Sikkens color. When ordering a specific color of choice should be taken into account with a delivery time of approximately three weeks and a minimum order of 30m2 or 39 boards. The moldings are available in the desired color. See here or Dutch Plank fiber cement fits your project.

Fiberglass cladding

In addition to wood siding stone motif is a common facade in the Netherlands. Milin has brands such VinyBrick and Zierer consisting of polyester bricks processed with fiber, giving you the panels can barely distinguish from real stone motif. The panels are provided with a special coating and are available with or without real sand grains to enhance the effect of bricks.

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Stone strips VinyBrick Zierer and are mainly employed in the leisure and housing and provide excellent for holiday houses, chimneys and bungalows. Check here to see which colors are available.

natural stone panels

VinyTherm and VinyStone are trademarks plastic siding where real stone is embedded in the surface. There are stone look panels are available with or without V-seam and crushed stone in different colors. Check out the assortment.

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HPL cladding

In addition to panels of plastic, full foam, fiber cement, brick or stone breaks Milin also HPL siding of their own brand Milyt. HPL stands for High Presure Laminate wherein a combination of thermosetting resin and craft paper temprature under high pressure and is squeezed together. By compressing under high pressure you get a laminate that meets the high standards for façade applications.

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The appearance of the laminate sheets are smooth and sleek and come in six colors: anthracite, blue, cream, gray, green and white. In addition to the standard colors, there are 5 colors available with a structure foil.

De gevelplaten verlenen zich uitstekend als duurzame en milieuvriendelijke oplossing voor het bekleden van een: dakkapel, dakrandoverstek, boeideel, topgevel, gootafwerking en borstwering.

What types of siding will suit your project?

Choose the plastic panels VinyPlus for a low-maintenance facade? Choose a wood look siding with the brand Wood Design? Siding in your favorite color? Dutch Plank panels are available in any color! Seeking material for finishing your dormer? HPL board material here gives itself to! Want to give a stone bungalow motif look? View panels VinyBrick and Zierer.

For advice or questions about the different types of siding? Contact verkoop@milin.nl or call 030 657 90 20.