No ventilation cladding: common mistake when fitting cladding

Plastic cladding has completely different properties as wood, it will not rot ore mold. Wood is herein cheaper in the short term, in the long run you can get more of a plastic cladding. Also, the plastic laths are low-maintenance. Despite these characteristics, it is essential that account must be taken when installing your siding with ventilation. Common mistakes that won’t be vissible in short terms but will get you troubles in the long term.

ventilation siding

When mounting of wall panels, it is necessary to create aeration and de-aeration. For horizontal installation of the panels must be a minimum continuous ventilation space between the back of the siding and the existing structure of 20 mm. If the panels are mounted vertically, then make use of a double line of work. Thus, you have a structure behind the air cavity which holds the air flow at the top and bottom on the sides of the corridor. Vents can close the ventilation profile.

gevelbekleding ventilatie