The appearance of natural wood combined with the ease of low maintenancehoud

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VinyPlus® is made of 100% high-quality recycled plastic and is finished with a high-quality UV-resistant outer foil. The foil gives VinyPlus® the same familiar appearance as wood and is available in stock in 29 colors. With a decrease of at least 60 m2 there is an extra choice of another 50 colors. VinyPlus® façade cladding gives homes and business premises their own character. A beautiful, stylish finish to a building contributes to living, working and living pleasure. The VinyPlus® textured films are available in both a grain and a matte structure and are perfectly matched to the structural foils used for plastic frames, doors and parapets.



Durable and 100% recyclable


VinyPlus® façade cladding is CE marked, is form-retaining, does not warp under the influence of moisture or heat, and is also not affected by fungi and bacteria. The durable but also 100% recyclable facade cladding and eaves require little maintenance. Sanding, painting or staining is a thing of the past with VinyPlus® façade cladding and eaves.

VinyPlus® façade cladding is available in three different models, optionally in a grain or mat structure. The rabbet parts are ideal for an authentic look. These are processed horizontally. VinyPlus® rounded panels give homes a contemporary and modern look, and can be used horizontally, vertically or diagonally. With the addition of the top part, an extra depth can be applied to the façade.

VinyPlus® cladding and eaves are 100% recyclable and thus comply with the guidelines of the Building Decree 2018. It is also possible to obtain VinyPlus® in a higher fire class. This makes VinyPlus® façade cladding very suitable for any construction project that has to meet the high standards of our time.

VinyPlus® also as roof edge panel

VinyPlus® has been successfully used in construction for many years, for example for the sides of dormers, on top facades and as a roof edge for dormer windows. Thanks to the standard length of 6 meters, the boom parts can be mounted quickly and easily by means of an invisible fastening. This results in a tight and finished result and prevents seams.