Wonderboard his wall and ceiling panels lend themselves especially for hygienic areas. The wall panels meet all HACCP guidelines. Other types of wall coverings, such as stable sandwich panels, can be a breeding ground for bacteria, because the surfaces are not suitable for the applications concerned and are therefore difficult to clean.

Wonderboard wall and ceiling panels are impact resistant and easy to clean the self-cleaning effect. The self-cleaning effect means that dirt is hard to snuggle and when cleaning unrolling the water droplets from the surface, dirt is taken.

Features Wonderboard wall panels:

– Bacterial and fungal
– Durable and flexible
– Hygienic
– Impact and shockproof
– Complete system with moldings
– Self-cleaning
– Scratch-resistant
– Direct glued
– Also available as insulating sandwich panels
– Dirt-repellent

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Where are Wonderboard wall and ceiling panels applicable

Wonderboard wall and ceiling panels are applicable in all areas, but especially produced for hygienic areas. The hygienic properties of the wall and ceiling panels can be applied in many sectors. Remember: hospitals, food processing companies and the chemical industry.

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Besides the hygienic spaces also provide the miracle board panels ideal for wet areas. The panels are moisture resistant and can withstand high-pressure spray and various chemical agents, salts and acids. In addition, the panels are thermally stable so that the panels do not lose strength at temperatures between -50 ° C and +100 ° C. Think in humid areas: Sanitary areas, gyms, saunas, kitchens, car washes and cold rooms.

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Installation of wall and ceiling panels

The wall and ceiling panels can be glued directly on the following surfaces: plaster, concrete, stone, tile, plaster and construction records. For porous surfaces, we have a special primer to enhance the adhesion primer P05 (item 1054). For non-porous surfaces such as metal, a link will need to be formed between the adhesive and the substrate, using the relevant primer NP2 (art.nr.:1055).

Carefully read the installation instructions and check our blog “How do I fix a HACCP wall” before you start attaching the miracle board wall panels.

For further questions or comments you can always take contact: 030 657 90 20 or mail naarverkoop@milin.nl

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Specially produced for:

– Bakeries
– Slaughterhouses
– Fast Food
– Garage
– Chemical industry
– Fish processing companies
– Food processing
– Hospitals

Humid areas:
– Sanitary areas
– Saunas
– Gyms
– Car Washes
– Kitchens
– Refrigerators and freezers