Milin is a total supplier of the largest selection of sustainable building material in the Netherlands. Besides siding, flooring, frame finishes Milin has an extensive assortment of different wall panels. Searching for wall panels? Are you tired of painting ore decorate paper? Whether you want to decorate your room hygiene or decorative? Then you are at the right address!

Types of wall panels:
Wonder Board (hygienic)
Motivo (decorative)
Kerradeco (decorative)

Hygienic wall panels

For areas where hygiene is of great importance Milin has Wonderboard wall and ceiling finishing. The Wonderboard panels meet all the stringent requirements such as HACCP standard. The created panels of polyester do not absorb odors, can withstand extreme temperatures (suitable for freezing or refrigerating or useful in as hot ovens in a bakery) are bacterial, mold and rust resistant, detergents and most acids and chemicals.

Self-cleaning wall panels

The surface of the hygienic panels Wonderboard is structured. Because of this it does not stick to de surface. Dirt will stick much faster at a flat surface. Even the panels are self-cleaning, tis means water is rolling off the surface instead of sliding. Because its rolls the dirt will attach and will clean the surface. This is due to the round bumps (relief).

Decorative plastic wall panels

Besides the hygienic panels Wonderboard we also have decorative plastic wall panels Motivo and Kerradeco brand in our assortment. The decorative panels lend itself to replace painting, plaster or wallpapering. The decorative wallpanels are easy to install and have only al little maintenance.

Motivo wall panels

Motivo is made of plastic in a hollow scrap and have 3D print technology allowing natural structures can be created. As a result, there can be chosen for a structure that the character mimics natural wood. The structure is divided into 4 panels, so that repetition is minimized.

The panels can be applied to: metal stud, wooden battens or can be glued directly. This creates an invisible mounting so you can fully enjoy. For the finish we work with moldings.

Kerradeco wall panels

Kerradeco is made of hard foam and has a unique pattern of 12 cm. Thanks to the hard foam wall panels Kerradeco are ideal for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms. Besides humid areas the decorative spaces can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, thinking of restaurant, hotel or shop.

The mounting of Kerradeco is done with the connection elements on the panels themselves. The connection between the individual panels are invisible for a clean finish.