Wonderful plastic eaves with different emissions.

It used a wooden eaves quite normal, now you finished growing eaves with durable plastic materials. The reasons for this change are:

Natural look with plastic properties.
Large selection so a great design freedom
moisture Resistant
Easy to process
No more painting
Low maintenance
UV resistant
In the longer term the best solution

Durable appearance with plastic properties

Plastic eaves are made of 100% recycled plastic, are very durable and contribute to the environment (no additional deforestation will occur). On the plastic panels a structure foil is applied. This structure foil carries, in addition to many colors, attention to the UV resistance, impact stability, weather resistance and durability. The structure can ensure to a familiar appearance of natural wood but with plastic properties.

Great designers freedom with plastic eaves

Plastic eaves are available in different shapes, sizes and colors. The eaves are available with a hollow chamber profile or a full foam core. The hollow chamber profile eaves are provided with a structure foil. Thanks to this film, the eaves are available in many solid colors.

Eaves with hollow chamber profile:

vinyplus dakrand

Available in many solid colors:

vinyplus kleuren


The full foam eaves are available with a nerfstructuurfolie or houtstructuurnerf. The houtstructuurnerf mimics a natural wood appearance and gives the eaves the look and feel of a wooden eaves. In addition to the standard full foam eaves embodiment, there are also full foam eaves panels with a decorative bead. The ornamental bead is recreated a unique and authentic look.

Eaves smooth full foam or nerfstructuurfolie:

milexx dakranden

Eaves with decorative bead:

milexx bigboard


Eaves with woodstructure:

eurotexx dakrand


Consider mounting company

The easier to process the products are, the faster and better the result.

The roof panels are available in varying sizes. The panels are available in standard 6 meter lengths for a rapid and simple assembly. The thicknesses and widths of the panels vary, so there is a solution for every project!

The installation of plastic eaves can be done in different ways such as direct bonding to a blind fastening with screws or if you apply VinyPlus eaves, you can do it with a right angle profile or clip profiles.

Low maintenance

Nobody wants a lot of time to be spent on maintenance of a roof in this case. A wooden eaves will be new does not keep long, it may cause discoloration or even that will rot the wood. This makes it important to renew or to renovate the roof after +/- 5 years. During these 5 years, it is important to periodically clean the eaves to postpone the defects. Who the end user is waiting for it? Choose plastic eaves so the end user does not spend much time with maintenance or renovation.

It is also the choice of plastic eaves, in the longer term, the cheapest option. It is more expensive to buy but thanks to the long life you will be able to enjoy longer without carrying out a renovation or renewal.

The advantages:

easy assembly
environmentally friendly
Low maintenance
natural look
UV resistant
moisture Resistant
Decorates the view of the house