We are in the 50s, 60s and 70s: it’s peace in Europe and the prosperity increases. The resurrection is going well and houses are like mushrooms out of the ground in order to meet demand. The houses that are made at this time are now ripe to be demolished or renovated. The wood was then used now beginning to be faulty by negligent maintenance such as flaking, peeling, rot or mold itself. The range of the renovation of old wooden windows will greatly increase in the coming time, time for endurance, time for plastic frames!

Offers customers a sustainable solution

Low maintenance, natural appearance, resistant to external influences, longer life and long term the best solution, what more could you want? With plastic frames can offer the customer a durable and low-maintenance solution. The customer paint never have and frames should only be cleaned several times a year to maintain the beautiful appearance.

Due to technological developments that separate the industry is experiencing in recent years, the plastic frames are just more of the wooden variety. Thanks to structures that are applied to the door frames and moldings, one creates a natural wood appearance but with plastic properties.

Total package for frame profiles

For the finishing of plastic frames you need to Milin B.V. be! We deliver a total package for finishing frames, inside, outside and all around it. In addition to the following products for the joinery industry, we deliver the products directly to the job.

frame profiles
We have plastic frame profiles for each type of frame. Dagkantafwerkingen, baseboards, moldings, flat strip, fold corners chamber profiles and so go on…

Four types of plastic window sills which can even mimic the look of real stone. Type A, Type B, transfer and stone look.

panel Profiles
Especially for the joinery industry we have to panel profiles a comprehensive program. The panels are available in many colors and even with steel reinforcement bearing the SKG mark. The panel profiles are used extensively in filling of doors and window frames.

sandwich Panels
PVC, HPL, HPL textured foil or aluminum version, we have it all, available from stock. The sandwich panels can be gefolieerd 1- or 2-sided in order to be able to meet any demand. These panels are widely used in filling frames and finishing walls and eaves.

Do it yourself Sandwich panels
Create your own sandwich panel! At SKS adhesive panel different materials can it be “stuck”. This enables us to ensure the flexibility and customization that you can deliver to customers. The sandwich panels are frequently used for the filling of doors and window frames, but also as a cladding.

Check the product with a free color sample
For all our products (except moldings) there is the opportunity to receive a free color sample to evaluate the product for themselves. This color sample, customers can also right judgment. The color samples can be ordered on any specific product pages at the bottom of the “color” under the tab page.

The advantages:
One address for all products required for finishing frames
Rapid and adequate supplies
Low maintenance
Resistant to external weather conditions
Available in the color and texture
environmentally friendly
Long lifespan
Cost long-term savings