The siding era makes many changes in recent years. We see a shift in the material used, timber slowly loses its monopoly. More and more homeowners, designers and architects choose, thanks to advanced techniques for alternative waste products. The rationale is that the alternatives have greater freedom designer with a variety of materials, colors and textures but also by low-maintenance and environmentally friendly aspects.

Natural look with plastic properties

Why plastic cladding boards? The time that plastic cladding boards have a ugly and unnatural look belongs to the past! With advanced techniques we can appearance a natural wood look that are simulated by a 3D color technique, stuctures or structure foils. Of course, there are plastic panels with a smooth or matte surface. In short, something for everyone!

Advantages are made of plastic, in comparison with wood, that it does not discolour, rot, warp, or go moldy. In addition, there will be no deforestation occur because the plastic waste products are 100% recyclable.

Wall panels within the range Milin meet both the guidelines of the Building as the requirements of the National Sustainable Building Package (sustainable building) and may be used as siding with the CE mark.

Milin B.V. gives you a big topic of freedom

Widest range of cladding, many different colors, different structures, brands, materials and models. m for each design or customer request you to Milin B.V. on the right place. The panels can be supplied in any RAL, Sikkens and NCS color (depending on the brand). For an overview of the color of a particular brand, we please go to the website Milin. On each specific product page you can find the colors under the “Colors” tab.

Siding is available in both solid colors and lifelike wood structures. The comprehensive package moldings are available in the same colors and textures.

A project should be phased fireproof? Choose fire resistant cladding of DutchPlank! A project to look like real wood but with low maintenance features? Opt for WoodDesign or Eurotexx siding with 3D color technology or a wooden texture! A project to be lined with bricks? Choice is huge with different types of plastic bricks within the range Milin.

Easy mounting plastic cladding boards

The easier to process the products are, the faster, the result can be better and cheaper. The panels are supplied in standard 6 meter lengths for quick and easy assembly. The thicknesses and widths of the panels vary, so there is a solution for every project! The cladding can be fixed in different ways so that the performer has here in the freedom and can make the appropriate choice.

Low maintenance

Nobody wants a lot of time to be spent on maintenance of siding in this case, one can spend his time better. Opt for durable and low-maintenance façade products to meet the end-user in the future. The choice for plastic cladding, in the longer term, the cheapest option. It is more expensive to buy but thanks to the long life you will be able to enjoy longer without carrying out a renovation or renewal.