The universal building material; wood, nowadays consists of various choices to meet the wishes of the customer. Where once the wish was to have a roof above your head and are protected from rain and wind by cladding, it has now become more of a taste issue. This flavor has developed strongly over the years. Even with this taste people have chosen different types of materials because they fits better in the wishes of the customer.

Types of wood structures

Where in the past the wooden panels were barely processed, they are now finished according to your wishes. Think of a model in the straight shelf. The most common models are rebate and groove. The wooden beams are finished in such a way that they give a unique look to the façade.

soorten hout modellen

In addition to the processing of the wooden planks, you also have the different wood structures of different tree types. Known wood structures are Red Cedar and Rough Spruce wood.

Plastic wood structures

Because wood often has more disadvantages than benefits, it is normal to search for alternatives. Wood is a relatively cheap material at purchase, but after the years pass you will have a lot of costs for maintenance or even in the worst case a total renovation.

Now that the wishes of the customer are shifted to socially responsible activities, sustainability, the environment and the creative side, alternative materials are being selected. Materials that can meet these requirements and fit within the costs are plastic or fiber cement.

Nowadays, these materials are processed in such a way that they can imitate the appearance of natural wood. This is done with colors and unique structures that are applied in the top layer of the material. The assortment of Milin B.V. contains some plastic or fiber cement cladding with wood structure grains such as Red Cedar and Spruce.

Wood structures from Milin B.V.

A overview of the wood structures and colors from the Milin façade cladding range:

VinyPlus hollow chamber plastic wall cladding

Vinyplus houtstructuren

WoodDesign 3-color technology full foam wall cladding

Dutchplank fiber cement wall cladding in all colors and fire resistant

dutchplank houtstructuren

Multitexx full foam wall cladding with brushed structure

Multitexx houtstructuren

Eurotexx full foam wall cladding with wood grain structure

Eurotexx houtstructuren