Cladding panel is ideal as a finish for instance, dormer windows, gazebos or a timber frame. Where round side cladding can be mounted horizontally or vertically. They are ideal for use to seal walls or to holdup water. Plastic cladding boards are available with grain. There are always 20 colors in stock. The grainfoil rebate panels are barely distinguishable too real wood.

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They are a form of cladding which are connected to each other with a tongue and groove. The edge of each panel is gracefully away and then turns into the spring. The cladding boards in our assortment are all delivered at a length of six meters. The cladding panels feature a CE mark and comply with the guidelines of Sustainable Construction. Almost all cladding panels are provide with a standard 10 year warranty. Plastic cladding boards are low-maintenance, durable, environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable. It is not necessary to paint anymore!

Cladding panels with Milin

The main advantage of buying your panels at Milin, is that in our cladding panels each can be ordered from stock. So you’re never stuck to all packages. We take you by the hand and provide you with the right information. To mount the cladding panel we have made special mounting instruction leaflets which you can consult at any time. We advice to install the cladding panels by a professional construction company.