Stone stripes are totally hip again in both interior and exterior. Obviously, because the bricks are available in many different types and colors. The biggest advantage of our bricks, is that they have a low maintenance. Painting belongs too the past! In addition, almost all the bricks impact-resistant, recyclable, UV-resistant and moisture-resistant. The appearance of the plastic bricks is indistinguishable from real stone.=

Partly due to the simple installation of the plastic bricks are widely used in the construction and renovation sector. They are ideal for renovations chimney, gazebos, timber, recreation building, unit construction and houseboats.

Different stone stripes

Stone strips with a stonelook are available in different brands, each with a different looks. The assortment exist of VinyBrick, VinyStone, VinyTherm,
Zierer and Multi Panel. Many bricks coms with a 25 year warrantVinyBrick unique fiberglass reinforced plastic sheets that are used mainly in the leisure and housing.

VinyTherm plastic panels has real stone on the surface that is fused. The panels are available as flat or add finishing.

VinyStone its plastic panels have real stone on the surface that is fused. The panels are supplied with joint.

Zierer GRP brick effect panels are used as a coating for mostly chalets and caravans

Multi Panel with plaster structure is environmentally friendly, produced using the latest technology in a high kunststog coextrusion quality.