Durable siding is widely used in the new construction and renovation sector. Durable cladding protects the home and makes facades look like new look.

You never have to paint with durable cladding

The durable cladding Milin is indistinguishable from real wood facades. Wood has the disadvantage that it is often maintenance intensive. You should regularly barns, land and topcoats to ensure your façade not rot away. With durable cladding Milin, this can not happen again.

With durable plastic cladding, painting is no longer needed. Occasional cleaning with water is enough to get a beautiful facade again. Not unimportant, time and cost savings with this.

Types durable cladding

Cladding is available in many different shapes and sizes of various brands. So you have with us the choice of boarding, gunwale, round side, stone strips and sheets. With brands such as VinyPlus, Eurotexx, Milyt, Dutch Plank, Wood Design Multi Panel and we are leading the market and you’re always aware of the latest innovations in the field of sustainable siding. Siding is available to us in plastic, wood fiber, composite, aggregate, or polyester.

On almost all panels is a 10-year warranty. Plastic wall cladding, however, moves with ease 30 years! All panels from our assortment meet the guidelines for sustainable building (DuBo). This label indicates that the products are among the most environmentally friendly choice. If you opt for panels of Milin, you make always a conscious choice!

Do you have questions about any of our products, please contact our sales department. They are waiting for you to make sure you choose the product that best meets your needs.