Milin exterior ceilings

  • Milin outside ceiling

Milin outer ceiling panels are excellent to use for quick and easy finish of roofs, porches, roof overhangs and carports. The ceiling finishes are provided as hollow scrap or VinyPlus round side with foil structure.

Due to the high-grade plastic materials and the moisture-proof top layer, they are moisture and mold resistant and have the outer ceiling portions thereby a long life. The outdoor ceilings are low maintenance and painting belongs to the past.

The panels for exterior ceilings are ideal for covering your patio or carport. See the applications in our projects.


Hollow scrap:
flat panel: Lengths up to 6 meters x 250 x 10 mm
3v trim panel: Lengths up to 6 meters x 250 x 10 mm

Around Side Panel:
Lengths up to 6 meters x 180 x 18 mm
Acting: 150 mm

  • easy assembly
  • Easy to process
  • environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • moisture Resistant
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  • Milin exterior ceilings 5 Sasha
    Vinyplus we have applied under the roof. looks good!
  • Milin exterior ceilings 5 Niels
    Outdoor Ceiling used my porch. I can fully enjoy my covered garden.
  • Milin exterior ceilings 5 Saskia loof
    For our roof we have used Vinyplus side. Very easy to maintain and very tidy.

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