Milyt HPL sheet

The Milyt® solid HPL sheet can be used in a number of ways. Examples are […]

Attributes: CE marking, easy assembly, Easy to process, Low maintenance, weatherproof
hpl board
PVC plates

HPL board stands for High Presure Laminate board. This building material is produced by bringing together […]

Attributes: environmentally friendly, Low maintenance, Never need to paint, Shockproof, UV resistant
Vekaplan- foam sheet
Vekaplan PVC foam sheet

Vekaplan S – smooth rigid PVC foam sheet Smooth rigid PVC foam sheet in 10mm […]

Attributes: colorfast, hold its own form, light go through, moisture Resistant, recyclable, sound isolation, thermical isolation
Milin-MDF- profiles
Milin MDF profiles

Milin is a specialist in coated MDF profiles. These are used in house construction but, […]

Attributes: easy assembly, easy to paint, protecting, Strong, strongly
PVC profiles
Milin PVC profiles

Hard PVC / Plastic profiles Milin offers a wide range of choice of different profiles. […]


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Sheet and profile
This category includes several hard PVC, plastic profiles and panels for construction. Milin supplies various shapes, colors and dimensions of our automated inventory system. In addition to our standard stock items, we also provide “custom made” profiles / molds to customer requirements.
Check out the blog entries on record & profile!

HPL panels
Milyt HPL plates stands for High Presure Laminate. This building material is produced by bringing together a combination of thermo-setting resin and craft paper under high pressure and temperature. This plastic plates at high pressure compressed for optimal results. With proven excellent laminate outside that meet the high standard.

finishing profiles
The rigid finishing profiles Milin offers a wide range of choice of different profiles. The profiles are UV resistant and available in different shapes, colors and sizes. Other structure foil colors are available on request. We can create custom molds. The different sections are:
T sections
scalene angle profile
frame profile
PVC profiles
angle sections