Floor tiles are made of high quality recycled PVC and ideal for companies projects. PVC tiles are easy to install by means of a clip system. The blind fastening PVC floors are resistant to acids and other harmful substances. Thanks to its simple installation that makes it possible to take the floor again and re-insert.

Floor tiles Features

The floor tiles are resistant to chemicals. Milin provides the ability to seamlessly and liquid close to your place to get the floor through a dealer. PVC tiles are environmentally friendly, ergonomic and fire retardant. In addition, the tiles are CE marked and we offer three year warranty. PVC tiles also meet the guidelines of sustainable construction (DuBo). With these floors make an environmentally conscious choice.

Applications plastic tiles

PVC floors are widely used in warehouses, restaurants, garages, showrooms, kitchens, workshops and sports complexes. PVC tiles are also ideal for events and industry.